Wednesday, May 03, 2006

PrimeTime Fitness

The past two weeks have been difficult to say the least . . . within two days I learned that my 55 year old cousin Neil died in Massachusetts and a few days later my fiance learned that his 52 year old cousin Denise died in North Carolina.

It's been most difficult for us because we considered them fairly young and of course, entering the supposed prime of their lives. We had to take a hard look at ourselves and ask "Are we as fit as we can be?"

The answer is - needs work. However, as my 82 year aunt has told me repeatedly for the last year - "This is a time for starting over and new beginnings."

That certainly is true - I'm getting married in July and there is no way I'm going to look like an aging wilderbeest in my ultra-fly wedding dress. It's on now!

Check out this site (of course, I'm loving the site name) PT_Fitness
Primetime Fitness. Jill's a personal trainer, but all you can say when you see her is "Damn, she looks good!" Steve too, but hey, that's for the guys.

I want that same exclamation when I walk down the aisle. Stay posted.