Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Crashes & Makes All Searches Inoperable

I don't believe it - but while I was updating my websites this morning (January 31st, 9:25 am est) the unthinkable happened - all Google searches came back with the same message "This site may harm your computer"!

My husband and I quickly began to search all of our sites to see if it was a virus attack or just an attack on our company and found out that it was the entire web. Check out this link for more info:

Friday, January 30, 2009

Michael Steele Wins RNC After only Six Separate Votes!!!

I was glued to Wonkettes' site as she was giving a blog-by-blog on the Republican National Committee Chairman vote. Michael Steele, Former Lt. Gov. of Maryland was elected the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee. He received 91 votes on the sixth ballot. Eighty Five votes were needed to win. The other guy got 77, but only after six separate votes.

Mike Duncan read the writing and stepped down when he had 52 votes and Steele had 60. After a fourth vote, Ken Blackwell gave his big 16 votes to Steele. Another vote . . . Steele still didn't have enough (72) to win. Then Saul Anuzis finally concedes his big 20 votes (without supporting anyone) and Steele finally gets enough to win. Can you say "Resistance to vote for . . ."? Katon Dawson ran awfully close, however as cited on CNN "a number of party members said they didn't savor the thought of having a white Southerner as the face of the party in the age of Obama. In September, he resigned from a country club with a whites-only restriction in its deed."

Steele came out strong in his acceptance speech using words like 'empower' and 'change', with tough images:
"Those of you who wish to obstruct- get ready to be knocked over" and "We'll going to do what we do best - win."

So what's next? Steele is proud to say he was Obama's stand-in when assisting McCain in debate prep. Will we hear any lyrics about Steele the magic negro? Or will Rush Limbaugh hope he will also fail? We will see how this plays out as the RNC goes negro for negro with the DNC. First one to shine shoes loses.