Thursday, April 12, 2007

So Much for Overcoming

Sometimes you just have to bring up the same stuff over and over again - when will this sort of thing end? Probably never. Humans will always find a way to ridicule each other.

Now I also have to listen to Don Imus all day apologizing for calling the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team “Nappy Headed Ho’s” and his assistant calling the game “the jigaboos vs. the wannabes”. Where is the FCC on this? What’s more important, Janet’s nipple or insulting a hard working group of young black women? This is not about political correctness, it’s about what’s right.

I actually used to listen to Imus on NBC radio back in NYC. I stopped about 12 years ago when once again, he went to far with his insults and racial/sexist digs. I thought this guy had calmed down now that he was solidly in "Geezerdom". Nope. Nada.
There are still loads of noodleheads that really believe and agree with his insults. The kinds of things said in private but never in front of those oh so overly sensitive black folk at work.

This is not Imus' first time. Michael Wilbon brings that home in this article:

Michael Wilbon - Out of Imus's Bigotry, a Zero Tolerance for Hate -

That said . . . to my home state lady Scarlett Knights - next year you're are going to own those hoops! Great season girlies.

What’s really scaring me is that I’m beginning to agree with Al Sharpton.

Damn. Must be menopause.

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Rhea said...

Don Imus is a jerk. But then, if you host a talk radio show, being a jerk is almost the job description.