Monday, November 03, 2008

Writers & Thoughts on the Eve of the Election

Couldn't resist on the eve of such a momentous election:

Poet E. Ethelbert Miller gives us the words of Walt Whitman for Election Day on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday and his E-mag Early Election Edition which features writers from around the nation chronicling the election happenings in their surrounds .

Author Tananarive Due demonstrates the importance of family in this election with her blog entry: "Why Does Grandma Wear Dark Glasses?": My Family & the 2008 Election

Style versus Substance on Obamesque

Thank you Charles Alexander
"Everybody my age is dying off. Everybody. Next four or five years, I probably won't be around. These young people are gonna take the lead. That's what I love seeing about all these people sitting here as volunteers - 'cause they are our tomorrow."

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