Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can A Black Blogger Get a Break?

Ann Brown reports in Black Enterprise on how members of the Afrosphere act on the lack of Black Bloggers on the DNC floor. - New Media Dilemma for Democratic Convention

"Of the blogs covering the convention, black blogs will be 7.2% of the
blogs present," says Francis L. Holland of the Afrosphere Action
Coalition. According to Holland, many states with a strong black
Democratic presence and population are either underrepresented or not
represented at all, even though black bloggers from these states did
apply. "The state of Tennessee, which often has over 25% blacks among
its Democratic primary voters, will not have a single black blogger at
the Democratic National Convention, for example. The District of
Columbia, which is 60% black, will be left out. Louisiana, which is
32.4% black, will be left out. Illinois, the presidential nominee's
home state, which is 15% black, will be left out."


Villager said...

DNC did poor job with the State Bloggers Corp. However, I sense that they improved the situation with the selections for the General Bloggers Corp. There are some great Black bloggers that will be sharing the story with us at the DemConvention. Black bloggers are doing much better in 2008 than in any prior convention...

peace, Villager

Homeland Colors said...

I think this year's shortfalls will give birth to big gains for minority blogs in the next convention. I think Black Blogs have really been gaining prominence in the last couple of years and are becoming impossible to ignore.